About Us

Meca Team Installs new Pipe
Meca Team Installs new Pipe

High-Quality and Reliable Drain & Plumbing Services

Meca Drains is a locally owned Drainage and Plumbing service operating in Macomb Oakland and Wayne county.

We specialize in plumbing, drainage, and sewer system installation, cleaning, and repairs.

Our crew is made up of professionals certified and trained to deal with all kinds of issues big and small, from broken pipes and faucets, leaks and clogged drains to major problems like underground root blockages. Contact us today to get started!


Snake tool being used in tub
Drain Clearing/Snaking
Worker sets up Drain Camera
Drain Camera Inspections
Hydro Jetting Tool
Hydro Jetting
Pipe being replaced


Excavation in yard
Tool used to tighten pipe
Leak Repair
New Faucet after replacement
Faucet Replacement
Snake tool being used in pipe
Sump Pump Replacement
Our Promise

Quality and Reliable service makes us one of the best drainage and plumbing service providers in the area. Contracts are fulfilled to the T, on time and always within budget. We make sure we make full and accurate inspections, locate issues, provide the right prices, and fix problems. We also make the necessary actions and precautions to prevent the development of future problems from arising. Our team always works hard at gaining the trust and satisfaction each of our customers deserve.